Fifth about The Seventh

The Fate of the Furious

The Fate of the Furious: this cinematic series, now on its eighth chapter, has been less and less about story and more and more about preposterous stunt sequences; F. Gary Gray’s entry is yet another step in that direction, so extreme that if this trend continues, they might do away with writers next time around and just mix action scenes with shots of hard bodies. The plot is confusing and illogical, the characters motivations are laughable; in fact, they are so senselessly fluid that it’s really hard to care. The cast certainly doesn’t: at best, most of them are phoning it in (case in point: newcomer Charlize Theron is bored and, as a result, boring) and at worst, the acting and line-reading are incredibly wooden (Vin Diesel is the one that comes to mind). Even the action sequences, the series staple, are unbearable: needless to say they make no sense, but they feel also tired, uninteresting.

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