Fifth about The Seventh

Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused: if by one hand Richard Linklater introduces so many characters and over such a short a period of time that not one gets to be known very deeply, by the other his caring, delicate and fair look, as well as the sense that this is a lived-in universe, make the character gallery and the film very engaging. Nothing is created and nothing is solved, but that is how most days go (particularly at the age being portrayed). The film is also very energetic, in part due to the young cast (some of whom would grow up to become very famous, but the heart of the film belongs to Jason London), in part due to the excellent soundtrack selection. It’s technically unremarkable (other than a few novelty shots here and there), but that’s far from the point, and Sandra Adair’s editing balances the many characters very nicely.

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