Fifth about The Seventh

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell: Rupert Sanders’ film tells, in spite of its source material, a very generic and formulaic story; there is little, plot-wise, to make it different from other sci-fi movies, and the same can be said for the violent action sequences. There’s very little to get attached to here, so it’s all an empty exercise. Scarlett Johansson has the physicality of the character down-pat and is very effective in the action scenes, but she is very robotic (in a bad way, alas; given her character’s nature, that could be something positive); Takeshi Kitano is the performer that stands out the most in the cast. By the other hand, this is a visually stunning work: the Jan Roelfs’ world design is very rich and distinctive, very well put-together by the special effects team.


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