Fifth about The Seventh

Logan (2017)

Logan: James Mangold new entry to the sub-franchise keeps the scale small in this story, which is more intimate than most; it is also rather drab, depressing, uninvolving, humorless and exceedingly violent. Considering all that came before in the franchises (both X-Men and Wolverine), the story has many relevant elements that don’t quite match, making this one an inorganic member of the whole. The gallery of characters is hard to care for, and the villains are weak. Hugh Jackman manages the new facets of his character well-enough; Patrick Stewart’s performance is a bit showy, but well executed; newcomer Dafne Keen is able to display her character’s ferocity, but little else. The film’s visuals are a match to the tone: brown, dry, uninteresting.

Real also: The Wolverine


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