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Casting a ballot – Annie Awards 2016

44th Annies AwardsThe 44th Annie Awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, February 4th, 2017.

As I have been doing for a few years, as we get into the awards season, I’ll post the fictional ballots for some of the guild awards, showing what my vote would be if I had one. I will, as a rule, abstain from my fictional vote if I haven’t seen at least half of the nominees. And to be perfectly clear, I’m not a member of any of these guilds and organizations.

The list of nominees can be seen here.

Here it goes:

Best Animated Feature – Independent: abstain (The five nominated films were not seen.)

Best Animated Feature: Finding Dory (Pixar Animation Studios)

Finding DoryFinding Dory is, first of all, a beautiful and engaging (if not exactly original) story, with a lot of characters that are very relatable; the voice cast is very fine and in great shape. The animation itself is incredibly attractive, the environment perfectly realized.


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