Fifth about The Seventh


ElisElis: this story, as Hugo Prata chose to tell it, is not a particularly interesting one; the screenplay makes matters worse, as it falls in the bad habit of simply telling through exposition instead of showing important aspects of the plot. As it is, the film pretends to tell the tale of Elis Regina’s life, but it’s truly just looking for an excuse to play her songs every few minutes (justifiably so, she had a great voice and career). Andréia Horta’s has the proper physique du rôle, but her acting is mostly too large; she seems to be emulating Elis’ stage style in every line of dialogue; most of the cast follows through and also overacts. The  production design is a tad too pristine, but looks good, as do the costumes. Sound mixing manages to make both dialogues and music sound too low at times.


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