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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – Revisit

Mission Impossible Rogue NationMission: Impossible – Rogue Nation: on this day and age of many different cinematic franchises which are centered around preposterous (and often preposterously fun) action sequences, this particular one is different because it´s all a con game. Christopher McQuarrie realizes that, and even though this film has its share of those ultra-kinetic action scenes, there are a few set-pieces which are exactly that. There are quite a few interesting characters around, all nicely played by the cast; Tom Cruise established himself as a good player for this sort of role; Simon Pegg, likewise. Newcomer to the series Rebecca Ferguson is very interesting in a very byzantine role. Joe Kraemer´s score makes good use of Lalo Schifrin’s traditional theme. Robert Elswit’s camerawork is very fine indeed, which, along with Eddie Hamilton’s editing, give great clarity to the action.

Read what I wrote before: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation


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