Fifth about The Seventh

Passengers (2016)

PassengersPassengers: the plot of Morten Tyldum’s film presents such a non-starter moral dilemma at a crucial point, early on, that all that follows falls down like a house of cards. Jon Spaihts’ screenplay doesn’t do Chris Pratt any favors, as it doesn’t give him much to do to show any wit or enough enterprise; when it’s all said and done, there’s little reason for empathy (a big problem, considering a big chunk of the film revolves around him). Jennifer Lawrence was luckier; she never looked better (thanks to Jany Temime’s costume design) but doesn’t have all that much to do. At least they have some chemistry together. Despite those short-comings, the film is well-executed; Guy Hendrix Dyas’ production design (both the spaceship in general and some environments in particular) is by far the best thing of the film.


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