Fifth about The Seventh

The Magnificent Seven (2016)

The Magnificent SevenThe Magnificent Seven: Antoine Fuqua has a widely known (and frankly, very dear, doubly so) road map to follow, but gets magnificently lost on his way. The Richard Wenk and Nic Pizzolatto’s screenplay confuses “colorful” characters with characters with any personality, and it also makes no effort to show how (or if) their relationships develop, therefore making any connection to the characters and their world almost impossible. The central villain doesn’t help matters by being generic and one-dimensional (even if the sickly look of Peter Sarsgaard is an interesting choice). Denzel Washington is a solid presence; Chris Pratt (either because of his acting or because the character he is stuck with) feels wrong for this material; Haley Bennett is pretty but improperly garmented; the rest of the cast barely registers (once more, they are not given a chance by the screenplay). The action scenes are overlong and spatially confusing. Simon Franglen and James Horner’s score is unmemorable and dull. The locations are pretty, though.


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