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The Magnificent Seven (1960) – Revisit

The Magnificent SevenThe Magnificent Seven: John Sturges’ classic western is one of the most entertaining films ever made, period. Not only because its rousing, exciting plot of good overcoming evil against all odds. Not only because its large gallery of characters that are, bar none, given time to interact and grow, which allows for great emotional connection. Not only because its pair of shootout sequences that, because of said connection, are thrilling. Not only because its large cast have great chemistry (Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen sharing a stolen glance early on is a great example that continues throughout). Not only because Elmer Bernstein’s score is (deservedly so) one of the most iconic and recognizable ever and has a multitude of great themes. It’s because of all that and much more that this movie can be seen over and over again and it’s not as easy to emulate as one would think.

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