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Casting a ballot – WGA Awards 2014

WGA AwardsThe full list of nominees for the Writers Guild Awards can be seen in their official website. The WGA will be presented on February 14th, 2015.

The WGA has strict rules of eligibility which usually keeps some of the best works in the sidelines. Nevertheless, more often than not there are enough good screenplays to make sure the field is interesting.

Best Original Screenplay: Boyhood (written by Richard Linklater)

BoyhoodThe five nominees in this category are so strong that, for a second, there was the temptation to name this a tie between all of them; that, obviously, would be a cop-out. Boyhood‘s screenplay, however, is an organic creation, the characters so  relatable, realistic and rich, the story so touching and sweet, that at the end, it’s almost a surprise this is a work of fiction and not an account by someone close to us. It is the best screenplay of the year.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Gone Girl (written by Gillian Flynn)

Gone GirlGone Girl would certainly not be as interesting and entertaining as it is if not for the intricate structure that Gillian Flynn created. Furthermore, the central female character is a wonderful creation. Unlike the Original Screenplay’s field, this was an unremarkable group of picks, but Flynn’s Gone Girl is a worthy winner no matter what.

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