Fifth about The Seventh

Gone Girl

Gone Girl: David Fincher’s methodical, detail-oriented filmmaking is probably the best way to tell this story that, more than most, depends not only on what is told, but also on the way it’s told. The plot doesn’t hide its pulpy origin (nothing wrong with that) and is fun to follow; furthermore, it touches many different issues that make it richer than a first look would suggest. Technically, the film is a beauty: Jeff Cronenweth’s camerawork is simple but precise, always spot on and Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross’ score is eerie and unique. The acting is uniformly great, with naught a wrong note; Rosamund Pike is outstanding, asked to play a whole multitude of notes and hitting every one of them. Yet, somehow, the whole adds up to somewhat less than the sum of its parts; the clinical detachment makes this easy to appreciate but not to connect fully.


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