Fifth about The Seventh

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Transformers: Age of Extinction: this film presents strong evidence (if there wasn’t enough already) that Michael Bay is a firm believer that “more is more, and if there is more, it’s also better”; only that can explain the repetitive, noisy and excessive action scenes (if they can be called that; the lightning fast editing allows only the explosions to register, not what is actually going on) and the inane dialogue (so many lines are purely a description of what is happening, it feels like they are merely cues for the FX team on what to do next which were not excised). Of course, the exception to that rule is related to story and character: the assault to the senses mask the fact that the plot makes no sense, as don’t most character decisions. For what it’s worth, the use of Chinese locations brings some small variety to the endless destruction.

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