Fifth about The Seventh

The Newsroom – Season 2

The Newsroom – Season 2: as the second season progresses, it becomes clear that the same weak points from the first season remain in place, even if somewhat less intensely: characters (particularly females, but quite a few are afflicted by this) poorly written (that they have personal problems, is realistic; the way they deal with them, not so much) and an excessively idealized world (where “bad” people turn “good” at a whim and “good” people can do “bad” things without any major consequences). However, as was also the case the first time around, Aaron Sorkin’s dialogues (which, being so politically loaded, have as good a chance as turning some off) are the star of the show, along with the wonderful cast that reads it (Jeff Daniels, who has the most rounded character, makes the best of it). The storyline in this season feels tighter, more focused, which helps. It’s a flawed, but great show.

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