Fifth about The Seventh

Casting a ballot – ASC Awards 2013

The full list of nominees for the American Society of Cinematographers can be seen here. The ASC Awards will be presented on February 1st.

One of the greatest evidence of how crowded 2013 was with great films (along with the tie at the PGA Awards), a 3-way tie produced an unusual seven nominees, and all of them are great, deserving work.


Best Cinematography: Sean Bobbitt for 12 Years a Slave

The camera work of Sean Bobbit is simply beautiful; Steve McQueen uses lengthy shots in crucial moments, and those are wonderfully executed, with great framing and lighting. Nevertheless, the work is always justified, meaningful.

This wasn’t, by any stretch, an easy pick. Delbonnel’s lighting in Inside Llewyn Davis is gorgeous; Le Sourd’s work in The Grandmaster is flat out gorgeous; and Lubezki’s work in Gravity is as impressive as Bobbit’s (even thought the result we see is the combination of camera work, computer-generated images and editing).

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