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Casting a ballot – WGA Awards 2013

The full list of nominees for the Writers Guild Awards can be seen in their official website (or, alternatively, here). The WGA will be presented on February 1st.

The WGA has strict rules of eligibility which usually keeps some of the best works in the sidelines. Nevertheless, more often than not there are enough good screenplays to make sure the field is interesting. (Note: I didn’t have the opportunity to see one of the nominees, Lone Survivor, yet.)

Best Original Screenplay: Her (written by Spike Jonze)

In Her, Spike Jonze created a delicate balance between the high-concept of his story and the touching romanticism; furthermore, the imagined future is at the same time desirable and scary. It’s a beautiful script that has something meningful to say about where our society is going, as befits a good science fiction film. Bob Nelson’s Nebraska and Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine are also very solid.


Best Adapted Screenplay: Before Midnight (written by Richard Linklater & Julie Delpy & Ethan Hawke)

The rarest of breeds, a sequel that is character-based and a natural evolution of what was seen in the previous volumes. The focus is on the great dialogues; they are, much like the story, realistic and more importantly, a great window into the beloved characters. This screenplay by Delpy, Linklater and Hawke is a small gem.


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