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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: some sequels are content in repeating the story of the original work with minor variations (these generally make for less attractive experiences); others continue (in an organic way) and expand the story and the world where it takes place. This film (at least to those not knowledgeable about the source material) starts as one of the first type, but morphs into the second; the story got richer and more emotionally involving. The discomfort with the concept remains (somewhat lessened compared to the first one), but dystopian societies are so for a reason; in fact, the curiosity about the backstory of this world and its inhabitants is piqued. Jennifer Lawrence is again a great presence in the cast, but the cast (with welcome additions of older actors) is all strong. Special note must given to the inventive costume design. The pace is somewhat uneven, but it’s an entertaining film.

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