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She Said

She Said: Maria Schrader’s account of the New York Times investigation into Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults is a very solid procedural. The film is a textbook example of how to tell a story such as this (which are sadly much more prevalent than it should be): the pair of investigative reporters must first find the story and then try their best to give it credibility. There is a realistic repetitiveness in the proceedings, but that allows the actors to shine. The leads are wonderful, both playing smart and hard-working women: Carey Mulligan plays the “coolest” of the two, but at times gets very close to losing it; Zoe Kazan appears a bit mousier, and a lot of her acting comes from listening to her interviewees and reacting in the subtlest ways. There is no showboating here, all performers are somber and extremely efficient. Aesthetically, the film is quietly elegant, allowing the story to speak for itself; editor Hansjörg Weißbrich gives the film a good pace, in spite of the heavy exposition sometimes required.

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