Fifth about The Seventh

Inspector Lavardin (Inspecteur Lavardin)

Inspector Lavardin: Claude Chabrol makes this sequel to his whodunit a more traditional example of the genre; also, as the title may suggest, the focus shifts to the policeman conducting the investigation. Naturally, the small town where the murder occurs has its own share of dark secrets, and the film turns, like the first one, a hard eye toward the hypocrisy of the affluent. The title character, a deceptively hard-nosed and preternaturally perceptive police inspector, is fleshed out a bit, and again played effectively by Jean Poiret. The mystery is decent enough, and the many supporting characters are colorful and well-defended by the cast. Of particular note, Jean-Claude Brialy, as the victim’s brother-in-law and an old acquaintance of the protagonist, and Jean-Luc Bideau, as a sleazy club owner. Well-shot by cinematographer Jean Rabier and well-edited by Monique Fardoulis.

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