Fifth about The Seventh


Alcarràs: Carla Simón’s drama is a very humane and touching look at the plight of the small farmer, as the story of a large family which is about to lose the land that forms their livelihood is told. The film is more interested in how it affects them than it is in how they got into that situation; in other words, the familial drama is more important than the politics. Much of it is told through the eyes of children, further enhancing the emotional impact. The acting is generally very naturalistic, and the lack of showboating makes it hard to pick a memorable performance among the adults as they are all equally effective, but the young Ainet Jounou, as the lively, very energetic younger daughter is a delight, and Xènia Roset, as her dedicated older sister, is quite good as well. Cinematographer Daniela Cajías shoots the sunny environments in an intimist handheld, throwing the viewer right next to the family as they go through their days.

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