Fifth about The Seventh

On Our Watch (E Noi Come Stronzi Rimanemmo a Guardare)

On Our Watch: Pierfrancesco Diliberto’s (styled Pif) satire looks at many contemporary maladies: reliance on algorithms, gig economy, and digital megacorporations. It can be a bit too much in-the-nose, but it’s not any less entertaining for it, as it follows the story of a man downsized by an algorithm he created as he tries to recover and move on with his life. The film, alas, doesn’t land quite as gracefully as it takes off. Fabio De Luigi is quite good as that man, persistent in spite of all the obstacles put in his way. Ilenia Pastorelli is lovely as the holographic woman who becomes his best friend. Pif is funny as his roommate. The film has a very nice production design, by Monica Vittucci; it includes the user interface of the many apps that show up in the story, as well as a number of avant-garde locations. The comedy is gentle, drinking from a number of recognizable sources for its visual gags and story beats.

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