Fifth about The Seventh

Freaks Out

Freaks Out: there’s been no shortage of superhero-adjacent stories told in the past decade or so, and Gabriele Mainetti throws his hat in the ring with this story of four circus freaks in WWII-era Rome. There is a lot that is formulaic here, but also enough local colour to make this an engaging entry to that list. It also helps that the four characters display great humanity in spite of their label as “freaks” and that the main villain, a Nazi “freak” himself, is both pathetic and sinister at the same time. That villain is a great creation by Franz Rogowski. Aurora Giovinazzo, as the young girl with arguably the most impressive power, is quite lovely. Pietro Castellitto, playing an albino with a creepy power, is fine as well. The film has quite an impressive look, from production designer Massimiliano Sturiale’s sets and costume designer Mary Montalto’s clothes to the make-up work and special effects. All is capped by cinematographer Michele D’Attanasio’s work; the music, by Michele Braga and Mainetti, is quite good.

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