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Stranger Things – Season 4 – Vol. 2

Stranger Things – Season 4 – Vol. 2: as the second part of the Duffer Brothers’ series, consisting of two episodes, dropped, it’s hard not to feel the excesses even more acutely. The total runtime of these two episodes was 235 minutes, bringing the full season to 781 minutes. That compares to a 405 minutes-long first season, 467 minutes-long second, and 449 minutes-long third. The story told doesn’t call for that much time; filler episodes are common everywhere, but when they get this long in a series with such a small number of episodes, the overindulgence gets all the more apparent. The split nuclei do not feel justified as the season comes to an end; the series perfected a formula over its first 3 seasons, and while the intent of trying something different is commendable, the execution was not quite there.

This is not to say that when the finale turns its attention to what made the series famous, the goods are not delivered. Balancing the action on a number of different fronts, it is creepy and tense, showcasing the solid work of the production design done by Chris Trujillo, the special effects team, and the cinematographers. Gaten Matarazzo and Sadie Sink deal well with very emotional moments for their characters, and newcomer Joseph Quinn confirmed that his character was a good addition to the series.

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