Fifth about The Seventh

Full Time (À Plein Temps)

Full Time: Éric Gravel shows in this film that one doesn’t need explosions or guns to create a thriller; real life can provide more palpable examples. The story of a divorced mother of two, under-employed and over-worked, fighting long commutes as she tries to get a better job is thrilling enough. Laure Calamy gives a fierce performance, filled with anxiety and intensity, unable to take a second unless when the world forces her to. The aesthetics chosen by Gravel drive the point home; this story could have been told with a regular drama (and it would be more than fine), but the sense of urgency works well with the thriller genre. Composer Irène Drésel creates an electronic musical score that increases the tension and the nervous, dynamic camera of cinematographer Victor Seguin enhances that even further.

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