Fifth about The Seventh

Out of Nature (Mot Naturen)

Out of Nature: the very simple story told by Ole Giæver and Marte Vold in their dramedy hides how entertaining and insightful it is. After all, the film mostly follows a man during a weekend hiking trip, but the flow of consciousness that accompanies the images opens up the world of the man, with his many considerations about his life, family, and work. Giæver plays the protagonist, a sweetly awkward man, a bit lost and with a motormouth of a brain, and he is pretty good in the film. Cinematographer Øystein Mamen captures beautifully the wilderness, making it a place where it’s easy to see why a ming would wander; the soft quality of some of the protagonist’s daydreams is also very welcome. Composer Ola Fløttum’s musical score is a very good match for the material. Editor Frida Eggum Michaelsen gives the film a tight pace and is quite nice with creating dry visual humour.

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