Fifth about The Seventh

Bye Bye Morons (Adieu les Cons)

Bye Bye Morons: it is hard to pinpoint exactly what Albert Dupontel was trying to do with this film: as a comedy, this is not very funny; as a satire, this feels unfocused. It works best as a drama, but not enough time is dedicated to developing the characters. Virginie Efira injects warmth into a character that deserved more attention; her goals are clear, but she is little more than those goals. Dupontel himself plays the second protagonist, a burned-out bureaucrat, and he looks the part and projects his despair well; Nicolas Marié is fine as the blind sidekick, but his character doesn’t add much to the whole. Visually, the film is interesting, with editor  Christophe Pinel using super-imposed images to good effect, and cinematographer Alexis Kavyrchine’s images suggesting a sci-fi fantasy setting.

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