Fifth about The Seventh


Passing: Rebecca Hall’s drama walks a fine line as, with a very delicate narrative, it tells a story with a starting point of utmost violence: that someone may need to hide who they truly are to have a shot at a good, happy life. The idea, of course, resonates today as much as it did at the story’s time setting. The film, however, suffers from its non-continuous narrative: time jumps of various lengths happen often, and with them come shifts in the relationship of the trio of main characters, in ways that don’t always feel natural or organic. The acting is quite good, as the cast handles the formal dialogue (where even the most heinous things are said with a honey-like voice): Tessa Thompson, as the protagonist, André Holland, as her husband, and Ruth Negga, playing her friend who masters the passing, are all equally good. Cinematographer Edu Grau gives the film a dream-like, diaphanous and delicate look with is black-and-white images. Composer Devonté Hynes’ music is beautiful in its very contained way.

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