Fifth about The Seventh

Fallen Angels (Dolok Tinsi)

Fallen Angels: Wong Kar Wai once mode directs his look into the life at night in a particular neighborhood in Hong Kong, focusing this time on the criminal element. The two stories, mostly independent, revolve around a handful of colorful characters; alas, the more colorful they get, the less bearable they are. Leon Lai (looking very cool), as a killer-for-hire, and Michelle Reis (stunning, with a very strong, almost androgynous face), as his gofer, form a very interesting and unusual relationship. Kaneshiro Takeshi, in a role that winks hard to his previous role in the companion film, is quietly deranged and at times hilarious, at times just a bit too much. Cinematographer Christopher Doyle’s work is anything but conventional, as he uses ultra-wide lenses that distort the images; that, in addition to a very dynamic camera, create a film that is a visual feast and a very intense experience.

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