Fifth about The Seventh

Belleville Cop (Le Flic de Belleville)

Belleville Cop: Rachid Bouchareb’s buddy-cop action-comedy leans heavily into the charisma of its two main performers. In fact, so much so that the plot turns out to be tired and overly simplistic; the film is globetrotting, but there is very little sense of the places it visits and why the cultures are different. As a result, the places are visually distinct but they could be anywhere without meaningful changes. The protagonists are not so different, except for their obvious physical appearances, but they are charmingly portrayed by Omar Sy (as the loose foreign cop) and Luis Guzmán (the tight and loyal local cop). The aesthetics are polished, bright, and colorful; cinematographer Alain Duplantier’s work is efficient but unremarkable. The action is generally plain (but there is something refreshing to an action film that doesn’t go overboard).

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