Fifth about The Seventh

I Am Not an Easy Man (Je Ne Suis pas un Homme Facile)

I Am Not an Easy Man: perhaps that is the point, but it certainly feels like director Eléonore Pourriat took the easy path as she made a full-mode role reversal to press her ideas about gender politics. The result is an obvious and heavy-handed dramedy, and it’s made worse because the film stacks two eminently unlikeable and dull characters at its center. It turns a relatively short film into a slog to watch. Vincent Elbaz and Marie-Sophie Ferdane both look right for their parts, but their unsympathetic characters make it hard to be bothered by the performances they give. Aesthetically, the film is indifferent; the images of the director of photography Pénélope Pourriat are serviceable but not more, and the costume design (by Laurence Forgue Lockhart) misses an opportunity to make a more adventurous statement.

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