Fifth about The Seventh

Spy Time (Anacleto: Agente Secreto)

Spy Time: the greatest accomplishment of Javier Ruiz Caldera in this film is to show that one can make a satirical spy action comedy without resorting to excessive low-brow humour. The film has funny moments, but a lot of the jokes don’t really land. It tells a silly story in an unlikely universe, but it nevertheless has a little bit of heart as it portrays the father-son relationship. The characters are all simple, comedic, but well-defended by the cast; Imanol Arias has the physicality to pull-off as an aged super-spy; Quim Gutiérrez is also convincing as his loser son, as is Alexandra Jiménez as his on-and-off girlfriend. The film is generally very polished and has a good variety of locations; the fact that this is a comedy allows it to be somewhat cheezy with the action scenes and special effects. Javier Rodero’s musical score fits the genre very well.

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