Fifth about The Seventh

Seriously Single

Seriously Single: the protagonist in Ramaphakela Siblings’ (Katleho and Rethabile) romantic comedy is such an unbearable person that everything around her comes crashing down. Attractive and sweet, but clingy up to eleven, it is a wonder how she can sustain a boyfriend (or a job, for that matter) for long; more than that, it’s hard to root for her to; Fulu Mugovhani’s performance is adequate, however, as the issues with the character are in the page. She is surrounded by more unrelatable characters: her best friend is over-the-top (in too broad a performance by Tumi Morake), her beau (Bohang Moeko) is a fit but charmless sleazeball. The film is, in any case, very polished, going around a very colorful and charming Johannesburg, well shot by cinematographer Kabelo Thathe, with colorful costumes and internal locations.

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