Fifth about The Seventh

Who Am I – No System Is Safe (Who Am I – Kein System Ist Sicher)

Who Am I – No System Is Safe: Baran bo Odar’s hacker thriller both uses its inspirations on its sleeves and uses those to subvert expectations. The result is reasonably ingenious and entertaining, but the general lack of character development makes this an empty exercise. The most interesting aspect is the visual solution to chat rooms (with includes an interesting use of Silke Buhr’s production design and Ramona Klinikowski’s costume design), a “location” that is crucial for the story (and the universe depicted, as a whole). Tom Schilling is fine as the protagonist, his fresh and intelligent face a good fit to the character; everyone else is well-cast, as their faces match the characters, but they just don’t have enough to do. Robert Rzesacz’s editing is smart and on-point, and cinematographer Nikolaus Summerer’s images, clean and crisp.

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