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Department Q: The Absent One (Fasandræberne)

Department Q: The Absent One: Mikkel Nørgaard’s sequel to his film is less interested in the mystery, more in the investigation itself, and in showcasing the villains as the terrible people they are, and the violence they commit (which the film doesn’t shy away from showing very graphically). It’s a story that is far from novel or told in fresh ways, or even that contains particularly original characters; despite all that, it is efficient for what it tries to do. Nikolaj Lie Kaas is again fine as the ultra-serious, persistent cop that puts the case above all else; Fares Fares is also fine as the more human side ode of the partnership. Pilou Asbæk and Marco Ilsø are efficient as the two versions of the entitled, powerful psychopath. Danica Curcic and Sarah-Sofie Boussnina are also efficient as the two versions of the neurotic perpetrator who doubles up as a victim. The somber look achieved by the director of photography Eric Kress is crucial for setting the sinister mood.

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