Fifth about The Seventh

I Love You, Stupid (Te Quiero, Imbécil)

I Love You, Stupid: Laura Mañá is not afraid to telegraph where she wants to go with the story, but then again romantic comedies can be formulaic and still enjoyable, even if seldomly they are truly memorable. In that sense, this is a typical film in the genre: mildly charming, funny, and quickly forgotten. The cast is well-chosen and doing good genre work: Quim Gutiérrez is a charming protagonist, goofy and insecure; Natalia Tena exudes life, happiness, and energy as his long-time friend and advisor; Alfonso Bassave looks good for the alpha male friend, as well. The broken fourth wall, not overused, adds to the film’s charm; its snappy pace and short runtime do, as well.

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