Fifth about The Seventh

Death in Buenos Aires (Muerte en Buenos Aires)

Death in Buenos Aires: if the mystery at the center of Natalia Meta’s film is a bit run-of-the-mill, it has very strong and interesting characterization and world-building. The main character is a bag of contradictions, a policeman reeking of ineptitude and small-time corruption, a loving but somewhat absent father; he is very well-played by Demián Bichir. Chino Darín is also quite solid as his rookie partner, who may or may not be way over his head. Mónica Antonópulos makes quite an impression in her small supporting role. The editing of Eliane Katz is snappy enough, but it feels as if some parts of the story were left on the cutting floor. The recreation of the time is very well-done, both production design and costume design; it all is beautifully captured by cinematographer Rolo Pulpeiro, who comes up with a few eerily beautiful images. Nice use of music.

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