Fifth about The Seventh

The Plagues of Breslau (Plagi Breslau)

The Plagues of Breslau: Patryk Vega takes a number of formulas that worked before, and in putting them together, comes up with a mess of a film. Serial-killer thrillers are not known for their plot consistency, but this one works hard in creating new holes, just for the sake of it. The way the story is structured, it presents little to no suspense or thrills; with abrasive and uninteresting characters are its center, who are mostly hostage to the actions of others, it’s really hard to care. Acting is hammy: Malgorzata Kozuchowska, as the dogged detective, overplays all the mumbling; Daria Widawska exaggerates with the facial expressions. Visually, the director and the cinematographer Miroslaw Kuba Brozek killed any chance of giving the film a darker mood by shooting all the scenes (the crimes themselves and all the other events) at the same time of the day, which also gives the film a very flat look. That is only broken by a few dynamically edited sequences.

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