Fifth about The Seventh

I Vitelloni

I Vitelloni: even though Federico Fellini’s film focuses more intently in a couple of characters and more loosely in a few more, he is truly talking about all those that aim for superficial delights, and cause deep sorrow. It is a judgemental work, but it is also touching and insightful. The setting, a recovering and impoverished post-war Italy, increases its potency. The cast is in good shape: Franco Fabrizi, as the sleazy, unfaithful husband, is very convincing; so is Franco Interlenghi, as the young, caring, sensitive dreamer; Leonora Ruffo is angelic as the young wife; Alberto Sordi doesn’t have much space, but he is also good as the smart-aleck member of the group. The film is beautifully shot, with the camera moving elegantly mostly in a very realistic style, but also, at times, uses stylized, symbolic shots. The musical score, by Nino Rota, is simply superb.

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