Fifth about The Seventh

Love Wedding Repeat

Love Wedding Repeat: a neat concept, by itself, is not enough, and Dean Craig’s romantic comedy is a good example of how a good idea can be ruined by the execution. The central couple is charming enough, but they are surrounded by an obnoxious group of supporting characters, all of them as annoying as the writer (Craig himself adapting a French comedy) expected them to be colorful. A late about-face with most of them is not enough, as the disinterest is already settled in. Sam Claflin is fine as the bumbling protagonist, and he forms a beautiful couple with Olivia Munn (who is not given much to do). Eleanor Tomlinson is fine as the loving and exasperated bride, but the rest of the cast is stuck with characters that deserved way less screentime. The general quality of the dialogue doesn’t help at all, and the comedy lands with a thud. Visually, cinematographer Hubert Taczanowski’s images of the elegant locations in Italy have a golden, solar veneer.

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