Fifth about The Seventh

The Moon Is Blue

The Moon Is Blue: if Otto Preminger’s sex farce seems very tame nowadays, it seemingly caused quite a stir when released. Still, it’s a cute story, a push-and-pull of seduction and romance. It doesn’t hide its stage origins, but the dialogue is fast and entertaining, and well-read by the cast. Maggie McNamara talks a mile-a-minute, and her petite looks are definitely not what the usual seductive bombshell has, which is the point of her character. Old hands William Holden and David Niven, respectively as the initial love interest and the older, charming roué (too good a word not to use) are fine; their acting is low key and effective. Likewise, the film’s aesthetic is simple and effective; most of the action takes place in one apartment, which is spacious and elegant enough to not make the action too constricted.

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