Fifth about The Seventh

The Trouble With You (En Liberté!)

The Trouble With You: Pierre Salvadori’s comedy ably mixes the absurd with the sweet, turning in a very entertaining and pleasurable experience. The device of using the variations of a daily bedtime story as the means to portray the mood of the main character is a great, well-used idea, and gives space for some wacky action scenes. But there is a lot of comedy coming from the characters’ interactions, and that’s a result of the very sharp cast. Adèle Haenel has great comic timing, with her general bewilderment, but she also displays sweetness and sexiness; Pio Marmaï nails the newly disturbed ex-convict; and Damien Bonnard as the mesmerized colleague. The film in general looks very good, and the editing team (Isabelle Devinck, Julie Lena, Géraldine Mangenot) certainly knows how to milk the comedy, assisted by composer Camille Bazbaz’s musical score.

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