Fifth about The Seventh

What Love Looks Like

What Love Looks Like: Alex Magaña’s ultra-indie rom-com is cute, harmless and feel-good entertainment, but as is wont of its multi-storied nature, somewhat uneven; of the five mini-stories, three are interesting but two are a bit too breezy. It also seems to have a limited view of what love looks like, as all couples (as can be seen in the poster) are young, attractive, mostly white, conventional. The large cast is OK, all well chose within those directives: Kate Durocher, Nathan Kohnen, and Connor Wilkins are the ones that fare better, while Jack Menzies mugs a bit too much. The film has a simple but effective look and good use of music; the cinematography (done by Magaña, who in true indie fashion is personally responsible for many different departments) could have used a subtler lighting scheme.

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