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Casting a ballot – 26th Annual SAG Awards

The 26th Annual SAG Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, January 19th, 2020.

As I have been doing for a few years, as we get into the awards season, I’ll post the fictional ballots for some of the guild awards, showing what my vote would be if I had one. I will, as a rule, abstain from my fictional vote if I haven’t seen at least half of the nominees. And to be perfectly clear, I’m not a member of any of these guilds and organizations.

The list of nominees can be seen here.

Here it goes:

Best Stunt Ensemble: Ford v Ferrari

The film’s most exhilarating moments revolve around the multiple car races, and they are very well put together, ending with the way they are shot and edited, but starting with the way they are physically executed by the stunt team.

Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role: Margot Robbie (Kayla Pospisil in Bombshell)

Margot Robbie makes the best out of a character that has quite an emotional arch, one that includes a wide range of emotions to play with. (Not the seen the nominated performance of Scarlett Johansson in Jojo Rabbit.)

Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role: Joe Pesci (Russell Bufalino in The Irishman)

It is a very quiet, subdued performance given by Joe Pesci, as a man that wields enough power that there’s no need to bring it to the surface. (Not the seen the nominated performances of Jamie Foxx in Just Mercy, Tom Hanks in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.)

Best Female Actor in a Leading Role: abstain (Not the seen the nominated performances of Cynthia Erivo in Harriet, Lupita Nyong’o in Us, Renee Zellweger in Judy.)

Best Male Actor in a Leading Role: Adam Driver (Charlie in Marriage Story)

Marriage Story tells a story that gives the actors a wide range of emotions to play with, and Adam Driver does it wonderfully, without resorting to cheap showboating.

Best Cast: Parasite

The cast of Parasite may not be, at least for Western audiences, as star-studded as some others, but there is not a wrong note given by any of them. It’s a pity that there was no individual recognition to any of the castmember, as they were all deserving. (Not seen: Jojo Rabbit.)

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