Fifth about The Seventh

Heroic Losers (La Odisea de los Giles)

Heroic Losers: Sebastián Borensztein’s heist film smartly adds some historical and social context; that ups the ante and increases the emotional connection to the group of wannabe criminals. The large group of characters is thus attractive, engaging and colorful; however, they are also for the most part stock figures (a few local specifics and characteristics here and there excepted). The large cast is appropriate: Ricardo Darín is always a pleasure to watch, even if his straight-arrow tentative leader is not calling for much range; Luis Brandoni is given more leeway since his character is more colorful. The film looks very polished, with capable cinematography by Rodrigo Pulpeiro and fine pace imprinted by editor Alejandro Carrillo Penovi; the one element that doesn’t work as well as the others is the unusual musical score, made by Federico Jusid.

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