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Unremember (Deslembro)

Unremember: Flavia Castro’s little, intimate drama is a fine journey through memory, through the process of being unrooted and re-rooted, all taking place in a particularly painful moment in (local) History. The film is for the initiated, as it avoids any didacticism explaining the overarching situation, but that’s not really needed, as the protagonist is also trying to get to grips with it and confront it with what she thinks she remembers. Acting is very solid: newcomer Jeanne Boudier is a natural, acting in three languages, projecting the curiosity, pain, and broodiness of a teenager. Sara Antunes and Eliane Giardini are very subdued and delicate in their portraits. The film has beautiful, detailed period recreation, and it is also wonderfully shot by director of photography Heloísa Passos, who makes good use of soft focus and extreme close-ups to emulate fragmented memories. Very good use of music.

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