Fifth about The Seventh

3 Faces (Se Rokh)

3 Faces: it is quite an interesting journey that Jafar Panahi’s film portrays, through a land somewhat forgotten by time. It takes a harsh, but not uncaring and hopeful, look at the old costumes, which look down at women and art; its main sentiment is sadness, but there’s also some lightness in places. The story is made richer if there is some awareness of Panahi’s personal story, given his presence as a character. Acting in general is very naturalistic and low-key; Panahi is effective, and Behnaz Jafari displays quite a good range of emotions throughout the film. The film, shot by director of photography Amin Jafari, makes good use of lengthy uninterrupted shots, which lets the performances flow and the hardness of the environment soak in. The downside is that the slow pace can be a bit challenging sometimes.

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