Fifth about The Seventh

Split (2016)

Split: there is an interesting notion at the center of M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller, but it’s not as novel as the film treats it; the exposition is very heavy and clunky, not trusting the viewer to grasp its entirety. The film also hints but never fulfills a look at the relationship between the three young female characters; nevertheless, it at least delivers one of the three as a very interesting character. It must also be commended by slowly, carefully building up the tension, with editor Luke Ciarrocchi making good use of cinematographer Michael Gioulakis’s tight  framing. Anya Taylor-Joy’s elvish face is a good fit for the intriguing character, and she deals well with the smart but terrified character. James McAvoy is capable of creating a handful or so of mannerisms and speech patterns that are very distinctive, but not truly forming characters; it still is a very interesting piece of genre acting.

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