Fifth about The Seventh

Amoureux de Ma Femme

Amoureux de Ma Femme: the story of this Daniel Auteuil’s farce, the sliver of it there is, is barely more than a male gaze fantasy. While the comedy is at the forefront, at least Joëlle Hache’s editing has a nice comic timing to it; when the film shifts gears and the comedy slips away, the film slows down and gets duller, somewhat tiresome, giving the impression the film is much longer than its short runtime. The cast is uneven: Gérard Depardieu is not bad, but his role doesn’t require much, so the performance is phoned in; Daniel Auteuil plays well the dreamer, with fine comedic timing; Sandrine Kiberlain also does what she can with a role that, at least, is not as thankless as it could be; Adriana Ugarte looks the part, and manages to project some sensibility and intelligence. Thomas Dutronc’s musical score is the film suit.

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