Fifth about The Seventh

Flavors of Youth (Si Shi Qing Chun / Shikioriori)

Flavors of Youth: this collection of three stories by Haoling Li (co-directed by Yoshitaka Takeuchi and Xiaoxing Yi) have the slightest of connective tissue as far as storylines, but they share a common theme and tone. All of them are quietly melancholic, as they show characters contemplating (and reconnecting with) their pasts as they try to move forward. As it’s often the case, the episodes are uneven, and given their short individual run times, somewhat shallow at times. The whole is touching and poetic, but not memorable. The animation quality is likewise uneven, in particular the character design; the environments, by the other hand, are uniformly beautiful, with excellent use of lively colors. The quiet, beautiful music is an important element to set the tone.

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