Fifth about The Seventh

You Were Never Really Here

You Were Never Really Here: a cursory look at the plot of this film suggests a pulpy, generic thriller, but director Lynne Ramsay uses all tools in her bag to make this a disquieting, intriguing film, even if quite cold and distant. The story is undeniably dark, and the same can be said about the main character and his journey. Joaquin Phoenix plays him with great conviction: his tortured soul can be felt (but not really quite understood in full), and his physicality, quite appropriate and convincing. The sound design (including Jonny Greenwood’s dissonant but atmospheric musical score, eerie silences, line fragments, ambient sounds) create a disturbing landscape that perfectly complements Joe Bini’s precise editing. Cinematographer Thomas Townend’s images are a distinctive, rich mix, where the violence is not for the most part portrayed, but its aftermath is, with gusto.

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